what's on the menu?

*gyoza - 6pcs per portion

choose your gyoza, choose as many sauces and toppings as you like, and then add any extras if you’re feeling hungry! some of these items may change from time to time, but mostly it will look like this 🙂



free range chicken & nori butter – white miso, spring onion, soy

eatchu recommends:

japanese mayo, rayu chilli oil, shichimi sea salt



mushroom & leek – wood ear, shiitake, garlic

eatchu recommends:

miso mustard mayo, rayu chilli oil, pickled radish



free range pork & garlic chive – cabbage, ginger, sesame oil

eatchu recommends:

japanese mayo, tonkatsu sauce, seaweed furikake



spinach & tofu – shiitake, red miso, pepper

eatchu recommends:

tonkatsu sauce, shibori onion, shichimi sea salt

*sauces & toppings


japanese mayo

tonkatsu bbq (v)

rayu chilli oil (v)

miso mustard mayo


seaweed furikake (v)

shibori onion (v)

pickled radish (v)

shichimi chilli sea salt (v)

*extra bits

sushi rice & pickled ginger – make a meal of your gyoza (v)   £2.00

soba – buckwheat noodles with crispy onion (v, optional) £3.00

chef’s rice – large rice, chef’s style (v, optional)    £3.00

kombudashi miso soup – freshly made kelp stock soup (v)   £2.50

shoyu egg – soft boiled egg in soy, vinegar & star anise   £1.00

edamame with sea salt – salted soy beans, chilli optional (v)   £3.00

(v) = vegan

gyoza glossary

gyoza – japanese potsticker dumplings, made with thin pastry and loads of filling

nori – seaweed usually found wrapped around sushi

tonkatsu sauce – fruity tangy sauce made to go with tonkatsu, a deep fried pork cutlet

shichimi – a blend of 7 spices, including orange peel and chilli

furikake – seaweed based powder, usually used for seasoning rice

donburi – bowl of rice

miso – fermented soybean paste

shibori onion – spring onions that have been soaked and then pressed

tofu – pressed soybean curd